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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Red-vented Bulbul Pycnonotus cafer in Kolkata,...Image via Wikipedia
My 'bulbul' is visiting me this year again.

I am soooo excited.

Last season it had made its nest in our front yard in the moneyplant just next to our main entrance. It used to keep a watchful eye on us whenever we were leaving or coming back from work. 

We had  built up a mutual  trust. We were careful not to disturb it while it was sitting in its nest and on its part it used to hop out whenever we put some food tidbits, small insects, some apple and other fruit pieces for it. We used to respect its privacy and were meticulously careful not to disturb it. Just as we do not like anyone to intrude upon our domain similarly their nest is their private niche and they will protect it at any cost.

It was fun to watch it incubating its eggs...turning them after a certain time...constantly keeping its watchful eye on the possible dangers from intruders. We were the honorable exeption of course.

It was very fascinating to watch its partner sitting on a wire a little distance away and at a vantage point, to warn it of the invaders and at times deflecting their attention from their intended attack by suddenly swooping on them scaring them away vigorously pursuing them to the limits of their territory.

It didn't mind our going close to its nest and looked the other way reassured that we shall not harm its nest. 

It laid four brown speckled eggs and hatched lovely chicks and reared these chicks.

One morning at day break we were awakened by their vigorous chirps. We rushed out to find that one of the chicks had hopped out of its nest and the bulbul mom trying to protect it from prowling cats. We gently picked it up and put it on the window sill.

We were happy to protect it but were also sad. We knew that the time had come to say 'goodbye' to them. By next morning they were gone but mother 'bulbul' still used to visit us, followed by its youngones, to collect food tidbits and insects.

We were satisfied to watch them from a distance and prayed that they
visit us again next summer.

Bye my bulbul!!


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