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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mai Ni Main Kinoo Aakhan

Mai ni mai kinoo aakhan;
dard vichoray da haal ni!

(whom should I tell ,O my mother,
the pangs of separation)

Dhuan dhukhay mere murshad wala;
Jan pholan tan lal ni !

(The smoke of my Lord's love is billowingwhenever I stoke the ash it is red )

Jungle bele phiran dhoondhendi
ajay na payo lal ni!!!

(I am searching in wilderness,in the open fields,
still I have not found my love!!)

dukhan di roti, soolan da salan
aahan da baalan bal ni !!

(I take the bread of my sorrows, with curry of the thorns
...and cook with the fuel of my cries!)

kahay Hussain fakir sain da
shoh miley taan theewan nihaal ni!!

(says Hussain! the fakir of my Lord
I shall be fulfilled ,when my Love comes)

Mai ni main kinoo akhan !!!!
Mai ni main kinoo akhan !!!!

Mai ni main kinoo aakhaan !

This song - a sufi kalam,by my favourite poet of Panjabi and beautifully rendered by my faourite singer Shazia Manzoor, was written centuries ago by Shah Hussain, but it is still relevant in this age of brutality and misery. Senseless killings of innocent people who want just the right to live honourably and peacefully pains the heart to tears....When shall we give the peace a chance........when shall we learn the lesson of peaceful coexistence...when shall we follow the commandment 'love thy neighbour.

---posted by Daman
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