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Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Ajj supnyan par phailaye;

Kujh chanan leekan han nachian;

Kujh ku parchhavein thar-raye;

Mann di antrekh de upar;

Soohe, saleti, tittar khambhiaye;

Ajj khyal tere ghir aaye;

Jindoo supne sheek udaye!!!


tittar khambhiaye=dappled clouds;antrikh=horizon

(All the poems published in this blog are copyrighted.Any infringement will be severely dealt with. However any request for reprint shall be considered.

I do not hold any rights to the images. They belong to their rightful owners.Daman)


''Sahib bahut gazab ka rahin pirogram!'' Ajudhia started talking very animatedly after returning from the mujra of Bijli Bai.

He had been to the mujra of this great mujra artist and had returned after more than ten hours.

He was sweating profusely. Still he was very elated having been able to attend the mujra of this great artist.

''Kya zordar pirogram rahin sahib,..Phatte chak deen sahib hamar Bijli Bai.''

I was smiling and egging him on to get more tidbits of the mujra...
He had gone early in the evening and had returned in the wee hours of the morning
wearing gajras of jasmine flowers and sweet perfume of sweat.

Bijli Bai is a great artist and sings 'thumris' and 'Dadras' with a stuccato voice. Whenever she comes for a mujra to our town, people flock to listen to her in drones and are obliged to listen to her. All the work in offices and factories comes to a grinding halt. Such is the magic of her voice.

Another great thing about her is that she doesn't allow any lighting to be done for her mujras. She says that as per traditions all shayari and mujras should be done in the light of candles, or 'shamas' and not in neon lights.

Whenever she performs, people throw money in bundles of five hundreds and thousands. Even the people like Ajudhia throw money in hundreds and tenners.

She is the richest mujra performer of our country. Even Tatas and Birlas are no match to her. She is also very canny in concealing her wealth from the taxation officials. Even the taxation officials feel honoured for a single glance from her.

All the collections from the mujras are shown as gifts from the people who love her.

She visits our town almost everyday and performs at regular intervals and even at odd hours depending upon her mood. People keep waiting for hours for her mujra to start and hoping that her mood shall soon be right.

Long live our Bijli Bai....

'Bijli Bai' is an imaginary character and it is only a piece of fiction.
All the rights of the image are with its rightful owners.



Opreyan vangoon
do jhat beh ke
tur chalya haan !

Mainu takk ke bullan utey
Achanbhe pharkan;
Akhian andar;
Hairat phaili

Jinhan nigahan ,
Meri mook kalpana tumbi;
Mere jazbyan vich rooh payi;
Oh mainu ajj aidaan takkan,
Jiwen main wasde rasde ghar vich,
Sannh laon layi aaya howan !

Maazi nun main
naa dohrawan!
Suttian tarabaan
Nuu naa tunbaan;
Gagnaan di hikk
Tey jo supney
kaddi uleekey ;
Apne hathin ;
mais dian main;
Kaul jo keete
Bhul jawan sabh!

Hun oh kise
Hor nuu apna
Aakh chuki hai!

Main hun us layi ;
Satt Baganian
to vadh kujh nahi!

Bhull jawaan sabh
Pichhlian gallan;
Hun Oh hor
Kise nuu apna aakh chuki hai !


(copyright with the author)(I do not own the rights of the image,it is only for illustration purposes)


Lupp ku taare....
Kir kir painde...
Bukkan vichon....
Khurmaniyan de!

Yaad teri da...
Phull na Kire!!!

(sometimes in 1964in J&K)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The Army life is a unique experience full of thrills in addition to shrills.

While in service our unit was posted at Tenga Valley of Arunachal Pradesh,which was known as N.E.F.A at that time.

One day myself and my colleague Capt JSK were marched in to the adjutant's office. We both marched in with a certain misgivings in our hearts silently looking at each other accusingly, thinking that other one had done some mischief. We both were known to be very mischievous in the regiment.

Our adjutant Capt.PKM was a strict discplinarian, and no one ever came out of his office with a light punishment.

Well this time we were in for a surprise. He made us sit and began in his deep husky voice , ''Well, you both eat chillies a lot.

''Yes sir.'' we replied still stiff with anxiety.

''Take this jonga and hunt for the tangiest chillies in the valley.'' he thundered. We saluted and sped out.. Once out of his office JSK burst out laughing. He could never control his laughter. We were called back to PKM's office.

''Be serious,you...(looking at JSK) better understand!''

''Yes sir!''and JSK started giggling. PKM gave him a nasty look.

We were puzzled by the strange order trying to guess as to what could be the reason.

We merrily went around from one field to another tasting the chillies and selecting the tangiest ones. We had a jolly good time and roamed around doing a lot of masti..

On the way we met our previous C.O. who had been recently posted as Brigade commander. His jonga screeched to a halt on seeing us. He came down from his jonga and enquired.

''What is happening boys.''

We were like truant young children caught redhanded.

''Sir,we were ordered to collect tangiest chillies.''

''Hmmm,come and visit me sometimes.!''

''Yes sir.'' we clicked our heels. He was amused but didn't show his emotions.
We came back to the unit in the afternoon with a bag full of chillies.

In the unit we were met by Capt RPS and we asked him the reason. 'Wait till evening
you will come to know.' he replied with a puckish smile. Butterflies stil flutterig in our stomachs.

In the evening we had an elaborate supper laid out for all of us. The mess boys were dressed in their well pressed uniforms. The brass was well polished and displayed at appropriate places.

We all were waiting for the General who had come visiting his old adjutant on a private visit. Our Commanding Officer, Lt Col SKT, had been once his adjutant and knew his idiosyncracies well. This General was fond of having XXX Rum on the rocks with Popcorn and Chillies.

After a peg or two he was on a high and started humming some oldies loudly. Thereafter he met each one of us with a handshake and we gathered around him informally. He advised us all to consume more and more of chillies, because it sharpened the brains.

After sometime he ordered us to go ahead with our food and he continued with his drinks. JSK and myself heaved a sigh of relief and shouted three hurrahs to the 'great' Popcorn chilli snacking General.


Ahsaas: फिर तुम मुझे कैसे जिंदा पाते हो...

Ahsaas: फिर तुम मुझे कैसे जिंदा पाते हो...a great poem by Neelam

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Chup Gall!!!

Lafzan taun
Lafzan tak,
Kitney anlanghe
Koh han !

Lafzan di hadd andar;
Kitne haseen
Moh han!

Lafzan de
Dayareyan vich
Dowein hi
Chal rahe haan;
Bhulekhyan di
Bandashan nuun
Chup chaap
Jhall rahe haan!

An aakhey an pachhatey
Lafzan di chhimak hethan
Assi sungad ke
Haan beh gaye
Lafzan de ghaereyan vich,
Ghir ke assi haan reh gaye!

Dayare ulangh tuun vi
Gheray Tyagan main vi;
Lafzan taun ucheyan utth ke;
Ikk chup gall kariye !

Ikk Chup gall Kariye !!

Lafzan taun ucheyan utth ke
Ikk Chup gall kariye!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Anlanghe=Uncrossed,Koh=a measure of distance,
Ulangh=to overstep)

This poem penned on
at Dehran Dun

I do not own the rights of image.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

viharinama: YAADAN DI DHOONI

viharinama: YAADAN DI DHOONI


Saari Saari Raat
Taarian di chhaven gana

Saari Saari Raat
Paunan naal summi paona.

Saari Saari Raat
Dandian te turi jaana

Saari Saari Raat
Raat vangoon khuri jana

Saari saari Raat
Jindri noon baat paon

Saari Saari Raat
Yaadan di Dhooni ramanan

Te Chann ne vi taapan aona
Fakkran di Dhooni ute !!!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Aahista Chalo ! Meri Beti

Aahista Chalo
Meri Beti
Aahista chalo!
Raftar Khatarnak hai!

Masoom Hansi
Dilkash si Ada,
Bholi Soorat
Irade Napak hai!

Maine Dekha hai
Zamane ka Chalan
Meri Mano
Aahista Chalo !

Shireen baaten
hathon mein Chhurey,
Tapakati Laaren,
Aankhon mein Hawas
Kandhon pe khatki,
pase pusht kafas,
Maine Dekha Hai...
Meri Beti...!

Maine Dekha hai
Khilti kaliyon ko ,
Ujadte baghon ko;
Chahkati Chiriyon ko
Jhapatey Baazon ko;
Bikharte sapnon ko,
moonh phertey apnon ko!

Meri Beti....
Aahista Chalo!

Main do char ghadi
Baith ke Uth jaoonga
Phir Kabhi Laut
Nahin Paoonga

Logon ki fitrat ko samajh
Unke Irade ko Parakh;
Unke Daaman mein lage
Daag bhi dekh;
Kahin lashon ke
Saudagar to Nahin!

Har gutargoo ulfat na samajh
Sambhal ke paon rakh,
Mazbooti sey
Iss Duniya Mein!

Meri bas itni samajh
Agey Badho Ahista!

Raftar Khatarnak hai
Ahista Chalo
Iss Duniya mein!

Meri Beti !!!
Raftar Khatarnak hai


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chanan Jawan hoye


Tera khyal aaya,
Sunsan rahan andar...;
Nainan 'ch aas nachi,
Nigh aayi sahan andar!

Baansan de jhund andar,
Kiranan da joora khullya,
dharti di hik utte,
Chanan da kaasa dullhya!

Geetan di hikk andar
Zindagi de saaz mache,
Bullean di maang andar,
Mehkan de rang rache!

Patjhad de bullh pharke,
Kalian ne baat paayi;
Jeewan de pal suaade,
Vehman noon oongh aayi!

Gham de siyarh andar,
Khede de beej boye;
Kaalikh di nazar hehan,
Chanan jawan hoye!

Kandyan di chhaven beh
Jeewan noon pyar karnaa;
Hai hijar ne sikhaya,
Patjhad bahar karna!

Tera khyal aaya
Sunsaan raahan andar;
Nainan 'ch aas nachi
Nigh aayi saahan andar!!


'published in 'Rishmaan' literary risala

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mai Ni Main Kinoo Aakhan

Mai ni mai kinoo aakhan;
dard vichoray da haal ni!

(whom should I tell ,O my mother,
the pangs of separation)

Dhuan dhukhay mere murshad wala;
Jan pholan tan lal ni !

(The smoke of my Lord's love is billowingwhenever I stoke the ash it is red )

Jungle bele phiran dhoondhendi
ajay na payo lal ni!!!

(I am searching in wilderness,in the open fields,
still I have not found my love!!)

dukhan di roti, soolan da salan
aahan da baalan bal ni !!

(I take the bread of my sorrows, with curry of the thorns
...and cook with the fuel of my cries!)

kahay Hussain fakir sain da
shoh miley taan theewan nihaal ni!!

(says Hussain! the fakir of my Lord
I shall be fulfilled ,when my Love comes)

Mai ni main kinoo akhan !!!!
Mai ni main kinoo akhan !!!!

Mai ni main kinoo aakhaan !

This song - a sufi kalam,by my favourite poet of Panjabi and beautifully rendered by my faourite singer Shazia Manzoor, was written centuries ago by Shah Hussain, but it is still relevant in this age of brutality and misery. Senseless killings of innocent people who want just the right to live honourably and peacefully pains the heart to tears....When shall we give the peace a chance........when shall we learn the lesson of peaceful coexistence...when shall we follow the commandment 'love thy neighbour.

---posted by Daman

Monday, June 14, 2010

Jindri Nimani

My Poems


dil vich si ke aakh sunasan
gall hijr di sari;
gila guzari!

tudh bin seene bhanbarh machde
seene chaldi aari;
mushkil bhaari!

khaaban dian tapp baroohan
jhaat sajjan jud mari;
jaawan vaari!

dil vich vassi soorat sohni
bhulli gilaa guzari;
sabh hushiari!


Bhanbar=raging fire,Baroohan=threshold
(Deodh is a poetic form of expression)


baghan vich baharan nachian
dali dali tehki;
phullan ute roop jawani
kali kali hai mehki;
khoon jigar da sinjeya aipar
dil di kali na hassi;
ik nazar di rehmat khatir
jind umar bhar sehki!



dukh jhalle te gham utha leeta
har var dil nu mana leeta;
dil nu ajj manavan kinjh
bharia pyala phir utha lita!



nain naina v'ch gall kar jana,
ghundi paani 'te hall kar jana,
kalian kis ton vall sikhya hai,
ghund chukna 'te chuk ke sharmana!



nain naina v'ch nain ki keh gaye,
chup chupaate hi dil vich leh gaye,
paunan andar hai saundhi mehak ralli,
dila! oh tere kanin ki keh gaye!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Urdu Ghazlen-Meri Pasand


Kuchh adhuri khwahishon, ka silsila hai zindagi,
manzilon se ik musalsal, fasala hai zindagi!

Mere darwaze pe dastak de ke, chhup jane ka khel

kab talak khelegi yeh kya bachpana hai zindagi!

Tere afsane to main sunta raha hun baraha,

naam kya tune kabhi, mera suna hai zindagi,

Zinda hoon doston ki duaaon ke bawajud,

roshan hai kitani tez hawaon si zindagi !

Apni tamam shokh. adaaon ke bawajud,
bahla saki na jee mera, ek pal bhi zindagi !

Bojhil hai raat chand sitaron ke bawajud,
suraj ke bawajud andhera hai zindagi !

Barbaad hamko hona tha, barbad ham huey,
duniya hai sari nek salahon si zindagi !

Kaatil the jitane mere sabhi ho gaye bari,
aur chup khadi hai, farzi gawahon si zindagi !!!!

Tu aina hai mujhko tera khyal rakhna hai.
kahin toot na jaye , tujhe sambhal rakhna hai !

Har ek masley ka teray, hul nikal rakhna hai
apni zahanat se tujhe, hairat mein daal rakhna hai

Gar tu kabhi jo, tark-e-talluq ki kare baat
rok kar tujhko, kal pe taal rakhna hai !

Teray dard ko chuna'na hai, palkon se miri
teray wastey khud ko nidhaal rakhna hai !

Nahin doobne dena tujhe, gham ke maujon mein
teray wajood ki nao, ko uchhal rakhna hai !

Bala'on ko teri, dua'on se rok lena hai
teray char soo, haathon ki dhal rakhna hai !

Suna'oon aisi dhun, tujhko na ho kabhi talab,
han'si mein meri, manfarid kamaal rakhna hai !

Na ho tujhe kabhi, meray ru'baru nadamat,
teray samne sada, asaan sawal rakhna hai !

Bichhar ke mujhse na jaye,tu jag ki thokar mein
apne pas rakh kay tujhko, lazawal rakhna hai !

Kho na jaye tu zindagi ki, raahon mein kahin,
tere wastey ujale, sambhal rakhna hai !

Raha muntazir tu uska, dhoop mein ahal-e-wafa,
jab laute tu toh, chhaon nikaal rakhna hai !


Monday, June 7, 2010


''Main eh kehdi thaan te aaya
Na jithe jitaan da kheda,
Jithe na haraan da saaya!

Poore chaudhan varhe main ghumian
Apne bachana di aabroo lai
Purkhan de paye purnyan te
Poore chaudhan varhe main bhatkya!

Palkaan de naal kande chuge
Jeebhan ute thoonhe ladaye
Shanke shakkan bharman de naal
jad hoian jindan noo tunbia
Ghor gunahan noo gal laya!

Vishwaasan da jootha khadha
Shardha da angan mehkaya
Sone de mirgan ne chhalya
Kayee Soopnakhan bharmaya!

Kayee daintan de aahoo laahe
Seene vich luke Raavan noon
Kayee vaari main maar mukaya
Poore chaudhan varhean magron
Wapas puri ajudhia aaya

Meri ghaalna Sita ute
Ik dhobi ne dooshan laaya
Ah! main jeewan da ik hissa
Nirarthak,Nirmool Gawaya!

Poore chaudhan varhean magron
Main eh kehdi thaan te aya!
Na jithe jitaan da kheda
Jithe na haaran da saya!!!!


Saturday, June 5, 2010


Andrei Voznesensky,was described by some as 'one of the greatest living poets in any language'. He was a ''child of the 60s'' being among few iconic intellectuals liberated by the 'thaw' in Khrushchev regime
Andrei graduated from the Institute of Architecture Moscow but the love of poetry proved stronger to give the world of arts an invaluable asset.
As a teenager he sent his poems to noble laureate Boris Pasternak author of Dr. Zhivago, who was his mentor and muse.... Vozenensky was considered as the most daring writer of Soviet era often criticised by his contemporaries for his boldness.
Khrushchev once threatened him with expulsion for his criticisms of the regime.
Boris who was much senior to him and died in 1960 paid him a tribute by writing ''Your entrance into literature was swift and turbulent. I am glad I've lived to to see it.''
He was different in his style from his contemporaries in that he made use of metaphors and images and strong Russian idiom. He was perceived to have been influenced heavily by Pablo Neruda and Vladimir Mayakovsky.
His first poems were published in 1958 and his poem 'I am Goya' inspired by Goya won him instant recognition. It depicted horrors and fears of the war.
In 1963 his fame spread far and wide after Khrushchev unfairly criticised him as 'pervert' and he became as popular as Beatles . He was awarded the State award in 2008 by Russian President Medvedev and was an honorary member of ten academies including Russian,American and French academy of Letters.
He became a recluse many years before his death. He suffered a stroke and passed away peacefully in his sleep on June 1,2010.
Yesterday he was buried in Moscow thus ending a brilliant chapter in the history of literature.
.... .... .... .... .... ....
I am Goya!
I am the
voice of war
the charred wood of towns
I am the throat of the woman
whose hanged like the bell body
clanged over the empty square....
.......... ............ .......

Excerpts from 'Antiworlds'

High above me upside down
stuck like a fork to the ground;
my nice light hearted butterfly
my Antiworld is getting by.

I wonder if it is wrong or right
that antiworlds should date at night
why they sit there side by side
watching TV all through night.

They do not understand a word
it's their last date in this world
they sit and chat for hours, and
they will regret it in the end;

the two have burning ears and eyes
resembling purple butterflies.

(I do not own anything in this.This translation was done by Alec Vagapov)

Thursday, June 3, 2010


My Mynah!!!

You are happy;

At this moment

The flowers are blooming;

You are riding on the

Crest of happiness now.

And now you are sad

At the unfaithfulness;

of those you loved!

You are crying, of

Pain inflicted on you,

By those you loved.

My Mynah!

Sleep covered by the blanket

of my arms;

wake up dreaming

of my love.

Catch this moment

My Mynah!

The next moment may be the end.

The hand from which

You picked the seed just now;

Next moment may be

Eaten by the worms, just as
Flames can pick up the straw;

with the favourable wind
And winds can uproot the pines.

My dear Mynah!
We are walking on razor's edge;
And the Razor's edge is sharp.
Do you know?
My Mynah!
The razor's edge is sharp!
The Razor edge is sharp!!


(originally written in Panjabi during Indo Pak War

on 22.03.66 Location: Height 7416 J&K)Raja Picquet

Wednesday, June 2, 2010



Your Love has made me dance
like a quivering leaf in autumn
come soon my Love;
I am not going to last long.

----daman May 2010

A sparrow pecking at the mirror
Drops down exhausted
like my Heart!

(originally written in Panjabi on 22.11.1967)

O my mynah!
sing the song of life
don't stop the song,
hush shall be my end!!!!!

-----Daman....May 2010

On the roof of my bunker....
My Mynah!
sunshine of memories lies;

In my bunker,
the gunpowder...
to blast
existence !!!!!!

(Originally written by me on 05.12.1965 Loc: J&K)

The laughters of autumn
Are sitting in my lap;...

The skies are
Just a patch to my

written 22 Nov 1967
(original Panjabi Haiku was published in
'Preet Lari' magazine
of Sept 69)


jhar gayian tahli diyan
pattian ve yaar;
te tahlidi eh laash;
Yaara! meri taqdeer hai!!

dhal gayi khizawan di jawani;
mere yaar!
te bahar,
mere khwab di tabir hai!

originally written in Panjabi on
30.11.1962 and published in
litrerary magazine 'Panj Darya'
in Decemer 1962.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This song poem written by my friend Shiv Kumar Batalvi has been sung by Rabbi Shergill, ''Notice for lost love- a girl straight and simple.''
Shiv fell in love with the daughter of an equally famous progressive Panjabi writer Gurbakhash Singh Preet Lari, but the family didn't approve of the liasion citing caste differences.
Shiv took to heavy drinking and died on 7 May 1973 at the young age of 37 of liver cirhossis.
He was the youngest award winner of the Akademy.
He used to come to Chandigarh quite often. At Chandigarh we had formed a literary club and had managed to procure a flat for all the visiting literary friends. We had the privilege of hosting big literary names like Devendar Satyarthi,Amrita Pritam and famous folk singer Surinder Kaur et al.
His hands used to perspire profusely because of his extremely sensitive nature and also maybe because of his heavy drinking habit. We jokingly used to call him 'sillhe hath' or wet hands.
One interesting incident which I can vividly recall is when we were rounded up by police on the roundabout of Sector 21 Chandigarh.
Shiv had come to participate in a programme organised by Panjabi Akademy in Sector 22. The programme ended quite late in the night.
In this programme two of our group including Shiv were awarded for their creations. After the programme we friends were very elated and were going back to our respective flats.
It was a cool moonlit night. We decided to hold an impromptu poem recital a 'mushaira'. The mushaira went on till about 2.30 a.m. We all were sitting in a circle on the grass and reciting poems when we were suddenly surrounded by the police night patrol. The police thought we were a thieves gang who were distributing the booty.
We were asked who was our 'sardar' or leader. Mohan Bhandari who was very street smart didn't lose his wits and pointed towards Shiv being the leader.
When they asked Shiv Batalvi to prove his identity he showed the memento which he had received in the function and gave his name. Shiv who was very famous by then convinced them that we were not thieves and were just enjoying the moonlit night having returned from the Panjabi Akademy awards. We were admonished and were very strictly told to go straight to our homes.
Shiv later got married to Aruna,under pressure and had two children,Meherban and Puja.
..... by Daman