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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


At the soul of this song is a Keertan, and like all keertans this is a love song. It's a song about a girl who has fallen in love with the moon. The lyrics talk about the girl complaining to the 'night' about how the 'moon' hides from her all day and at times disappears all together! Swanand Kirkire's words were inspired by the moon & how it often forms the perfect accompaniment to love. Only this time, he wanted to reinterpret it in a completely different way.

This is a song about a girl confessing her love, all the while knowing that what she wishes for is unattainable. She is aware that her feelings will never be reciprocated but still can't wait to see the moon every night! Kaushiki Chakravarthy brings out this sweet pain through the song.

 The Poet starts with warning a girl to not fall in love with a hermit, for they don't have a stable life and have no concept of romantic love, also telling her that she would only get misery if she did.

Later the poet moves to saying that she can't help but fall in love with this nomad, compares it to the moon, with its ever changing faces, also complaining that he is someone who doesn't stay long enough to satiate her need for his company. Says that his thoughts trouble her and give her sleepless nights. She has tried to bind him with her love, but given his restless nature, he cannot be contained.

But she is helpless, as he has stolen her heart


.O ri sun bauri bauri chhori, jogi ko jiya mein na basaiyo
Jogi ka hai jagat thikana, jogi se tu chit na lagaiyo
Thagva hai thag lega matvala mukhrara

O ri raina tera chhona, chand hai chit chor
Mooh dikhaye adha pauna, tarse maan ka chakor
O ri raina tera chhona, chand hai chit chor
Mooh dikhaye adha pauna, tarse man ka chakor
Tarron ki dasht mein yeh, phirta banjara
Haan kyun mujhe bha gaya hai, zulmi aawara!

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