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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Chup Gall!!!

Lafzan taun
Lafzan tak,
Kitney anlanghe
Koh han !

Lafzan di hadd andar;
Kitne haseen
Moh han!

Lafzan de
Dayareyan vich
Dowein hi
Chal rahe haan;
Bhulekhyan di
Bandashan nuun
Chup chaap
Jhall rahe haan!

An aakhey an pachhatey
Lafzan di chhimak hethan
Assi sungad ke
Haan beh gaye
Lafzan de ghaereyan vich,
Ghir ke assi haan reh gaye!

Dayare ulangh tuun vi
Gheray Tyagan main vi;
Lafzan taun ucheyan utth ke;
Ikk chup gall kariye !

Ikk Chup gall Kariye !!

Lafzan taun ucheyan utth ke
Ikk Chup gall kariye!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Anlanghe=Uncrossed,Koh=a measure of distance,
Ulangh=to overstep)

This poem penned on
at Dehran Dun

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