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Friday, April 30, 2010

Don't bury me!

My dear friends don't bury me
my beloved shall come and cry over me
she will soil her golden locks in the dust
she will cry and lose her eyesight
and she will not be able to take me
into her clasp when I resurrect;
My dear friends don't bury me.

My dear friends don't cremate me
my ashes shall turn into a storm
and spread over the horizon like a black sheet
and she shall lose her way
to the heavenly bliss
My dear friends don't cremate me

My dear friends I ask you a favour
please throw me into the holy Ganges
she will be able to come swimming
and clasp me in her arms
The little nymph,she's my life
My dear friends throw me into Ganges..!

(inspired by an animated short film 'Octopodi' by
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