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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Urdu Ghazal !

A photograph of Mirza GhalibImage via Wikipedia

Urdu Ghazal is a poetic form of expression of both love ...(ishq)..and pangs of separation from the      beloved. The yearnings of the heart and unfulfilled desires are the major themes of the 'ghazal'

It is principal poetic form consisting of strict requirement of rhyming couplets which are minimum five in number and upto fifteen .
It was popularised by Persian mystics like Jalal-u-din Mohammad Rumi in 13th century and Hafez in the 14th century .

No writing about Ghazal will be complete without a mention of Mirza Ghalib. Mirza Ghalib wrote ghazals in Persian and Urdu both.

This ghazal of Ghalib is my favourite !!!!

It is my heart after all, not a stone or a pebble,
why would it not cry with pain
I shall cry a thousand times
why should someone harass me!!!(trans.)

Dil hi to hai na sang-o-khisht,
dard se bhar na aaye kyon !!!
royenge ham hazar baar ,
koi hamein sataye kyon!!!

dair nahin haram nahin,
dar nahin aastan nahin,
baithe hain rah guzar pe ham,
ghair hamein uthaye kyon !!!

jab woh jamaal-e-dilfaroz
soorat e meher e neem-roz,
aap hi ho nazara soz
parde mein munh chapaye kyon !!!

dashna e ghamza jaan sitaan
naawak e naaz be panah,
tera hi aks e rukh sahi
samne tere aaye kyon !!!

Qaid e hayat bande gham,
asl mein dono ek hain,
maut se pehle aadmi
gham se nijaat paye kyon !!!

husn aur uspe husn zan
rah gayee bulhawas ki sharam,
apne pe aitemaad hai,
ghair ko aazmaye kyon !!!

waan wo gharoor e iz'z o naaz,
yaan ye hijab pass o waza,
raah mein ham mile kahan,
bazm mein woh bulaye kyon!!!

haan wo naheen khuda prast,
jaao woh bewafa sahi ,
jisko ho deeno dil azeez,
uski gali mein jaye kyon !!!

'Ghalib' e khasta ke baghair
kaun se kaam band hain ,
royee e zaar zaar kyon,
kijiye haay haay kyon!!!

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