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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


BougainvilleaImage via Wikipedia
Red bougainvillea
has put its arms
around the white pillar
on this cold frosty night;
the moon is silently looking
through the clouds
with half closed eyes at

the lovers on the beach;
it has gone behind the clouds;
silently they slipped out

singing a song of love,
mingling their song 
with the dancing waves!

The whole night
they roamed
on the beach gathering seashells!

Wet sand over their bodies,
their faces,
their hands
their hair, 
tired smiles 
sprinkled all over 
the horizon.

White pillar has turned to stone.

Bougainvilea is swaying 
in the morning breeze.
Nobody knows what 
happened between the lovers
in the night!

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