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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


      It was 5th of September yesterday which is celebrated as Teachers Day in India.
    My wife had to visit a hospital for routine surveilance by the doctors.
    My wife has spent her whole life guiding the children and helping them better their prospects in life.
    We spent practically the whole day in the hospital undergoing medical tests and their evaluation. We had a harrowing time, but seeing the misery of others we forgot our own plight. We admire the dedication and courage of doctors and other nursing staff who are serving admirably under such stress.
     In the evening we returned home thoroughly exhausted and tired after a drive of more than two hours.
     On arrival we were pleasantly surprised to see two of her ex students waiting for her to greet and for saying 'Thank You Teacher, we love you for being a great teacher'.
     This is life...sweet and not so bitter ....


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