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Saturday, August 4, 2012


Mohd. Khurshid Khan is a top ranking law officer of Pakistan based in Peshawar (North West Pakistan), and a crusader for inter-faith harmony. He is known for his humanitarian spirit and zeal for selfless service for the cause of peace and goodwill in Pakistan. 

He had sleepless nights after the brutal killing of the members of a minority community in Peshawar. He undertook to voluntary 'seva', (community service) to cleanse his troubled conscientious, but this didn't go well with the conservatives and hard core 'mullahs'.

In March he was in news for his seva for polishing the shoes of devotees and sweeping floors in many gurdwaras including Golden Temple Amritsar (India) which didn't go well back home. According to Khan this 'was to heal the wounds of minorities in Pakistan by becoming their sevadar. For him this was a penance for the crimes against minorities.

The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Pakistan issued him a notice for defaming the country abroad, but the notice was never delivered to him after a strong opposition from liberal lawyers.  According to him he was informed by his son about the development. He is said to have instructed him to return the official car assigned to him forthwith. He told that he had done it in his personal capacity and in his own time.

Asma Jahangir a well known social activist and former President of SCBA said “the notice has been issued in a manner that is bigotry'' She was widely supported by many people.

 Nasir Mohammad and Ashar questioned the decision saying  '' that a person should not be penalized for his personal decisions which simply showed an attitude of humility, service and respect for people of other faiths?

Another, Syed Hamid Ahmed writes like this"I agree that Deputy Attorney General Khurshid Khan should be honored, he has heart to feel the pain when an innocent human is killed, exactly like Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) had said “If you kill one innocent man it is like killing whole mankind”.
We all are easily swayed by emotionalism and hatred for all those who don’t agree with us, that is exactly we are taught at schools and in Masjids. Sunni hates Shia, Shia Hates Sunni ,,,, and all collectively hate Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and still we are proud to be Muslims.
Do we follow religion of Peace or Hate?
If it is in my power, I will buy a shoe from a Sikh in Amritsar polished by Khurshid Khan DAG and keep it as a souvenir of Great Islamic Tolerance.

To all those hate mongers, I am a Muslim, I am a Sayyed and I don’t need a certificate of being good Muslim from you, period. It is between me and my Allah.   (emphasis is mine).

Khan claimed that he had been sacked for his support to PPP and told a news channel that recently an ANP activist had threatened him with dire consequences.

 “Now, I’ve been released from the golden cage. I will continue to fight against corruption,” he added. 

To me he is another Badshah Khan, the sarhadi Gandhi.

May his tribe prosper...Ameen!


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