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Saturday, December 21, 2013


"O handsome camel rider, turn back" thus entreats faery-like Sahiban to her beloved. This song is based on the love of two childhood friends of Pakistani Panjab which ended in a tragedy. Mirza Sahiban is one of the four major tragic romances of Panjab the other three being Heer Ranjha,Sassi Punnu, and Sohni Mehiwal.

Mirza is the son of Wanjhal, chieftain of Kharal jatt rajput clan of Jaranwala. He is sent to relatives in Khivan to study. He falls in love with Sahiban who is his class mate and exceptionally beautiful. Poet Pannu raves about her exceptional beauty and says "Sahiban stepped out with lungi tied around her waist, and the nine angels died upon seeing her beauty"

Sahiban's parents fixed her marriage with one Taha Khan but she eloped with Mirza. Sahiban's brothers and others followed them. A fight ensued between Mirza and her brothers in which Mirza got killed.


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