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Thursday, June 3, 2010


My Mynah!!!

You are happy;

At this moment

The flowers are blooming;

You are riding on the

Crest of happiness now.

And now you are sad

At the unfaithfulness;

of those you loved!

You are crying, of

Pain inflicted on you,

By those you loved.

My Mynah!

Sleep covered by the blanket

of my arms;

wake up dreaming

of my love.

Catch this moment

My Mynah!

The next moment may be the end.

The hand from which

You picked the seed just now;

Next moment may be

Eaten by the worms, just as
Flames can pick up the straw;

with the favourable wind
And winds can uproot the pines.

My dear Mynah!
We are walking on razor's edge;
And the Razor's edge is sharp.
Do you know?
My Mynah!
The razor's edge is sharp!
The Razor edge is sharp!!


(originally written in Panjabi during Indo Pak War

on 22.03.66 Location: Height 7416 J&K)Raja Picquet

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