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Monday, March 14, 2011


ARUNA SHANBAUG had a dream!

She had a dream to live a life of dignity...a life of happiness and marital
bliss...Normal for any young bubbling girl of 25 years.

Today she has been deserted by her family. Even her fiance with whom she had spun dreams for a decent life left her after two years.

Engaged to a juior doctor in the same, King Edward Memorial Hospital in Parel Mumbai. They had planned to open a medical consultancy after marriage.

Her dreams were shattered one evening when a junior conservancy worker resentful of being commanded by a female, attacked her in the basement of the hospital, while she was changing after finishing her shift. She was choked by a dog chain and raped. The blood supply to her brain was stopped and her vocal chords damaged.It left her brain dead and paralysed.

Today she screams at all male voices and becomes angry, frothing at the mouth and gesturing violently.

Her colleagues and juniors are now her immediate family who are looking after her like a baby, bathing her,feeding her, moving her to avoid cramps and bedsores,and changing her regularly. They have no obligation to do so except love for her...They are doing a selfless service for her. They fought tooth and nail to save her from being put to sleep through euthanasia. They took out candlelight vigil in her support and for justice.

They were extremely angry to know that a social activist had moved the court to put her to sleep through euthanasia on the plea that she was lying in a permanent vegetative state. They had even planned to strike work if the court had allowed the plea. They collectively prayed for her to be spared from euthanasia.

All the staff of KEM hospital and specially the nursing staff were happy and beaming from ear to ear.They danced and distributed sweets. They even fed Aruna sugar which she likes.

Aruna has been spared euthanasia and she lives on....It is a victory of love!


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