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Friday, October 22, 2010


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If one is suffering bodily ,the medico can see it and treat you, if one is suffering mentally the neurosurgeon can analyse and suggest medicines to soothe your nerves, but these drugs are likely to have side effects...I wish there were more 'vaids' who could analyse your affliction just by holding your wrist and counting your pulse....

But alas these are not to be found any more...there are scamsters and 'thugs' now who play with your feelings and 'scare' . When someone is suffering whom you love dearly, you are mentally very weak, and you tend to believe any one who shows some sympathy and offers you some powder which shall cure all the ills from you or your dear ones are suffering....

There are faith healing techniques 'like' 'Reiki' which is a oriental method of faith healing.  It is claimed that afflictions fron simple hedache to cancer can be cured by 'Reiki'. The prctitioners of this method of treatment also claim that it can cure even by mail, or by keeping the photo of the patient. It is also claimed
Cat receiving ReikiImage via Wikipedia
to cure any living being by this method of healing...The practitioners of this method of healing claim that even animals like cats and dogs or other animals can be cured very effectively ....

There are other methods of healing in orient ...about which I am dealing here in very briefly...these are 'kundalini yoga' and 'human body meridians' of Chinese system, which is very similar to Indian Kundalini...but I shall welcome any suggestions  and shall be very willing to know more about these methods of faith healings which also claim  to deal with it according to human anatomy....

This picture depicts the seven major Chakras w...Image via Wikipedia
A schematic of the Image via Wikipedia picture of Human body chakras (top) and Human Meridians of Chinese system.
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