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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Octupus Paul... has put many a sooth-sayers out of business. It correctly predicted the outcome of as many matches as its tentacles and  has become a sort of pop culture...Many people who used to earn a little money from the business of predictions to sustain their families are woefully sad and furtively looking for some other avenue to earn their livelihood... to keep their fires burning.
But hail the Lord!  there comes the good news now that Paul the  Octopus  is retiring....my brethren do not think of taking up some other job.....
happy times are knocking at your doors....
Figuratively speaking it is hanging up its tentacles for an unspecified time...It is not even going to be a referee in slanging matches between the players and referees  of world cup football matches .....It has been sentenced to go back to the aquarium....but the aquarium management is considering it as an asset which will make their ticker machines run at furious speed.....
In the world history perhaps 'Paul' is the first millionaire Octopus who will be adorning an aquarium tanks.
Julia GillardImage via Wikipedia
Taking cue from 'Paul' an Australian  psychic octopus  has indicated that red-haired Julia Gillard is going to be a clear winner in the next months elections in Australia, while it seemed a bit lukewarm towards conservative opposition leader Tony Abbott's photo.
Crop of original picture of Tony Abbott in 2010.Image via Wikipedia
Finally, there is an unconfirmed report that Octopus Paul fainted when confronted with the question to predict the year when India shall win the FIFA world Cup. hahaha.........!!!!!!!!!


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