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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Leafy veggies for proteinImage by NunBun via Flickr
Doc! please don't advise me to eat more veggies.The doctor got startled and stared at me in disbelief. He admonished me to say that one must eat fresh green vegetables to stay healthy. But I have my reservations Doc,I chirped in  sheepishly....but stood firm which has now been confirmed. Parents don't force your children to eat vegetables...hahaha

Oxytocin, a harmone which is banned for human consumption is being used freely by farmers to make the vegetables grow faster so that they reap more profit. This is being administered mainly

to increase the size of Pumpkins,watermelons,brinjals,bitter gourd, round gourd,ladyfingers cucumbers and lettuce...with potential health hazards to the consumers....

This chemical, which is banned for human consumption, may pose serious threat to health causing nervous breakdowns,sterility and other neurotic complications.Farmers have an easy access to these injurious chemicals who use it indiscriminately to increase the growth of vegetables and fruits to get  these ready for sale and for more profits ...

The farmers use it on fruits, veggies and creepers to give them a fresh and minty look in double quick time. Apart from cocine- a commonly used name for Oxytocin, -other chemicals are used to wash mushrooms and cauliflowers to give them fresh and brilliant whiteness.

Apart from the above Carbide is used to ripen the fruits like mango and papaya, quickly but generally people don't know that their use over a long period may harm the eyes and lungs, apart from causing skin problems.. It is commonly known as cocin,or 'pani or dawai for sabzi'.

It is a mammalion hormone which is to be used on animals only for various diseases and to  induce lactation.
Even more shocking is the news that the authorities seem to be aware of this misuse and do not take any steps to stop this. This veggie sabotage has to be taken seriously and stopped.

posted by Daman

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