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Friday, August 6, 2010


withering flowersImage by Mathiaus via Flickr
Withered flowers

Withered flowers 
do not bloom again!

This heart has
been blossoming since ages!

Whose fragrance has 
kissed its ashes, 
pain of its ashes is howling! 

The thorns shall always be
pricking the arteries like leeches;
The Venus's car, bleeding heart or lyre flower...Image via Wikipedia
Has the caravan ever stopped!

Each morning 
bears the load of 
painful night;

White ray of moon
with rainbow colours, 

is dancing on my palm!

The fire is burning
since unknown times;

Hunger is dancing
a ballet of love,
with a grain of rice
in its womb!

Sorrows are dancing 
at my doorstep
filling new colours 
in my songs!

Pain has given birth to
a new awakening,

Pain is the cornerstone
of pleasure,
The caravan of pain 
is progressing steadily 
since ages....!


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