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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Storm over the OceanImage by Beth Sargent via Flickr
It is a drizzle...now
slow, endearing to heart
cascading ;
rustle in the leaves
soothing music to the soul.
my tattered shirt
sufficient to envelop
both of us
lost to outward existence
eyes entranced
hands clasping
lips sealed;
sweet smell of wet skins
walking in dazed daydream;
Drifting in a dinghy
oceans conspiring with
blood on mind
shrill ear splitting howls of
wild waves leaping with
hands outstretched to strangulate
two helpless emotions.

Walking, steps in tandem
with unflinching faith....unmindful;

The drizzle has stopped;
It is pouring rain now
drenching our souls
we crouch under my 
tattered shirt,
oblivious of the prying eyes
united in eternity!!!!!!!

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