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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Four day battle in the Second Anglo-Dutch warImage via Wikipedia
The frgrance of
crimson flowers
has kissed my cheeks!
Has some fine bend
come to the path of my life....!

The goal has come to
me...without asking;
I have always been kissing
the dusty pathways of my life!

Give me back sorrows of my songs,
return my nights longing for tryst,
let my emptiness be doubled,
let my songs sob uncontrollably!

I am standing at the crossroads
watching my friends depart
for a weekend rendezvous,
this weekend is like a sword
hanging on my head!

My boat is old
and the mast is broken
the sails are tattered
unable to hold the wind!

My songs can only sob
Let my songs sob;
O my Life!

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