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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


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I overslept after I kept writing till the chirping of birds at my window sill.  I hastily logged off, put the seeds in the birds pans pulled up the sheets and tried to sleep. 

I  was desperately trying  to sleep before the white sun would make me more uncomfortable.

I kept tossing about in the bed, but the birds were incessantly making  shrill noises making me even more uneasy.

Came out to the veranda to watch the early morning walkers ...people, mostly old folks going out with walking sticks, a few doing light exercises to loosen the limbs....why only old people are out in the park......Young ones are sleeping cosily. We work too hard the whole day and are not able to get up early.....

They jeer at old  people doing Yoga in the park. Why can't they stay quietly at home. Their
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wives push them out.  Hahaha !   

Some not so old people jogging at a brisk pace. 

People going to fetch fresh milk from the unauthorised dairies running in the living areas. Foul smells, mosquitoes playing their music in the ears. Never mind the mosquitoes and vermin, at least our children are getting pure milk....pure.....???

It is easy to do unlawful things by greasing the palms of law enforcing authorities. There is freedom to do anything. We are 'independent'.

We  have driven away the white skins to be ruled by the brown skins, black skins...but, sir, we are free... they speak our language, and we can easily access them...

The loudspeakers started blaring patriotic songs at high pitch....if we play the music softly we shall not be considered 'desh bhakta', patriots.

Someone has put up a huge hoarding, obstructing the view of motorists and pedestrians, we are free to do whatever we wish....now we are free! 

The birds have flown away after taking their pick....hawkers in the street are shouting, making it even more difficult to snatch a wink.....

I started getting ready hastily to be in time to attend the flag hoisting ceremony...the annual ritual ...to show off our patriotism...

I must hurry up !

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